Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine (YUFM) became the foundation university Faculty of Medicine in Turkey when it admitted its first students in the 1996-1997 academic year. Providing English medium education, YUFM consists of 6 years, not including the English preparation period. Our faculty has given 725 graduates from 2002 until today. Currently, there are 137 full-time and 34 part-time instructors (a total of 1717) and 16 research assistants, and 546 students, including preparatory classes.

At our faculty, where an integrated education system is applied, after the first 2 years of receiving basic medical information, the diseases described in the first two years are integrated into the 3rd year introduction to clinics courses. Students who successfully complete their mandatory clinical internship in the fourth and fifth years are entitled to work as interns in the 6th year and graduate at the end of this term as "Medical Doctors".  With the introduction of general repetition courses from the fifth year onwards, the success rates of our graduates at the ' Specialization Test in Medicine’, which is held twice a year, have significantly increased.

The aim of our education program is to educate doctors who know the health problems of Turkey and the world and who are equipped with sufficient knowledge, skills and attitudes to be able to provide health care service and management and who know, observe and apply the ethics rules of the profession. At the same time, our students graduate as doctors who are open to knowledge at a national and international level, have systematic thinking skills, like to research and question, constantly renew and improve themselves, are into teamwork, medical science and use technology in related fields with effective communication skills and community leader qualifications.