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Accepting its first students in 1996-1997 academic year, Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine has become Turkey’s first Foundation University Faculty of Medicine. Our faculty’s medium of instruction is English and the education takes six years, apart from the preparatory language classes. Our faculty has graduated 725 students since 2002. It still has 546 students including the preparatory school, 137 full-time and 34 part-time academic personnel and 16 research assistants.

In our faculty where integrated education is applied, after the first two years of basic medical knowledge, in the third year, at the premedical term, the diseases of the systems taught in the first two years are presented in an integrated way. Our students who continue their mandatory clinical internships in the fourth and fifth years of their education and complete them successfully, receive the right of working as an intern in their sixth year and at the end of this term, they graduate with the title of “Medical Doctor”. With the reinstating of the general review courses after the fifth year, the success rate of our students in the Examination for Speciality in Medicine, which is conducted twice a year, has increased significantly.

The aim of our educational program is to raise doctors who know the national and international healthcare problems and qualified with the information, skills and manners to provide the providing and management of the first step of medical services, who know, observe and apply the ethical rules of the profession, open for contemporary knowledge in a national and international level, researching and inquisitive, developing and renewing himself / herself constantly, able to conduct teamwork, able to use technology in the science of medicine and relative fields and have effective communication skills as well as the skills of being a social leader.