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What is Medical Club?

Yeditepe Medical Club (YMC) is a student community that was established with the initiative of the students of the Faculty of Medicine in our school. It aims to organize events in the field of medicine, to advance those events and to transform the faculty students into both talented and socially responsible doctors in their fields.

YMC has Yeditepe University branches of TURKMSIC and EMSA societies and regularly participates in the activities of these two societies. While our club carries out social responsibility activities at the local level, it also sends representatives to national and international meetings to contribute to the progress of the field of Medicine. At the same time, our students have the opportunity to do national or international research and internship exchanges through our club.

Every student of Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine is a natural member of YMC. Students have the right to participate in every event organized by the club and take part in the organization of these events.



YMC Projects in 2015 – 2016

National and International Research Exchanges in 2015-2016

Our qualifying students visited other universities by participating in domestic and international research and internship exchanges, while our school hosted incoming students and provided them with research and internship opportunities.

TurkMSIC and EMSA Introductory Meetings and Meeting Dinners

In this event, TurkMSIC and EMSA presentations are made to the new students, and then they go to the Meet Dinner for socialization.


Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Measurement

In this event, our club's volunteers measured the blood glucose and blood pressure values of the participants who came in the Social Building of our school after the Blood Glucose Measurement Training they received from the Public Health Coordinator Elif Rabia İçöz and provided information when necessary.

December 1, World AIDS Day
Our club volunteers, after receiving the AIDS/HIV information training from Head of Microbiology Department Prof. Dr. Gülden Çelik, they provided information about AIDS and HIV to the participants who visited the booths in the Social Building of our school.

Movie and Medicine Events
The Movie and Medicine Event, organized by our Medical Ethics coordinator Lorina Haziri, was held 3 times throughout the year. The movies Philadelphia, Wit and The Physician were watched, and then with the participation of the head of Deontology and Medical Ethics Department Assoc. Dr. Elif Vatanoğlu Lutz, discussions were held about the films.

Secret Science Club
In our event, we held with the participation of our Dean Prof. Dr. Sina Ercan, Dean made an informative presentation to the participating students, and then a dinner was held for conversation with the students.


Teddy Bear Hospital
After the training received in this event, which is held twice a year, we treated children's "sick" toys in the kindergartens we visited so that they could overcome their fear of doctors and hospitals.

Nursing Home Visit
Our Public Health volunteers visited Goztepe Buket Nursing Home and spent time with elders. Guitar and ney concerts were held during the music hours.

Ethical Education Day
Interviews were held on pharmaceutical companies and ethics with the participation of our invited speaker, Dr. Christiane Fischer.