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Phase 2, 1.Week Course Program
Phase 3, 1.Week Course Program

Dear students;

The 2021-2022 academic year program, which will start on Monday, September 13, will continue in the hybrid education model, as shared before, on the Rectorate announcement. Accordingly, some important points are as follows:

1- Theoretical courses will be continued with the hybrid method. For this reason, the Phase Coordinators will divide the class into two groups and inform you about the groups and when the groups should attend the classes face-to-face or synchronous-online. Half of the class determined by the Coordinator will listen to the lecture face-to-face in the lecture hall, while the other half will attend this lecture online. In both groups, attendance will be taken at the location of the group. Group changes will not be allowed except for force majeure. While attending online lectures, you must use your Yeditepe e-mail address.

2- In the first week (13 September - 17 September 2021), all classes will be held online. The hybrid method will be performed on September 20, 2021, Monday.

3- The majority of applied courses will be performed face to face. As before, there is 100% attendance is required for the applied courses, whether online or face-to-face sessions. For the sessions that you cannot attend because of urgent and unpredictable situations, you must apply to our Dean's Office with a petition stating your excuse for not being able to attend the class and request a make-up lecture.

4-All exams will be performed face to face.

5- Do not forget that we are in a pandemic. In this regard, completely obey the rules in the documents and the information shared with you. You can apply to the triage nurse when you need personal protective equipment such as masks, disinfectants, etc.

6- Course materials shared with you (lecture notes, videos, etc.) are for your use only; Reproduction, recording or sharing of these materials by any means is strictly prohibited. Do not forget that sharing images, texts, and all other documents of the course materials on social media or other platforms will be against the regulations about the protection of personal data and privacy and will create legal liability.

7- Attend the Phase Google Classrooms with your Yeditepe e-mail address. Links for the online courses and important announcements will be shared here.

We wish you all a healthy and successful year.

Faculty of Medicine Head of Coordinator
    Doç. Dr. Mehtap Kaçar