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Asst. Prof. Dr. Bilge GÜVENÇ TUNA from our Medical Faculty, Department of Biophysics was awarded within the scope of “For Women in Science 2019” program, in cooperation with UNESCO National Commission and L’Oréal Foundation.


Asst. Dr. Bilge GÜVENÇ TUNA, a faculty of our Medical Faculty Department of Biophysics, have been awarded the 2019 national” UNESCO-2019 Loreal for Women in Science” program.  Winners of the award are inspiring role models for future generations of women in science. Dr. Tuna received the UNESCO-L’Oreal Award for her research “Development of aptamer based drug releasing system for atherosclerosis disease” and at the same time her contribution to the science and scientific output. We congratulate her and wish continued success in her career.


Asst. prof. Dr. TUNA is aimed to purpose an alternative method for atherosclerosis disease which is an important problem of this era and she and her group worked on for a long time in her submitted project. Dr. Tuna is working on development of a technique using short RNA sequences adapted to the specific region called “aptamer” which can directly target the area where disease formed. In addition, the loaded drug is secreted via aptamer gates in a controlled manner.


UNESCO and Loreal collaboration is funding the young women scientists for 17 years within ‘Women in Science’ program in two categories “life sciences” and “material sciences”. Furthermore, the prize amount of 75,000 TL each was awarded to these young woman scientists stated by the independent jury of National UNESCO Commission.


Dr. Tuna is going on her studies with her research team including many medical faculty students.



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